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Jiangsu Green Friends
Vision: On the way to explore the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, let environmental protection become everyone's living habit。 Mission: To build a platform for public participation in ecological and environmental protection and promote sustainable development。 Core values: Make friends with nature, respect nature, comply with nature and protect nature。
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Nanjing Dadi Cultural Development Exchange Center
Nanjing Dadi Cultural Development Exchange Center
It is a non-profit social organization dedicated to promoting public participation in the construction of ecological civilization, and is composed of people from all walks of life who are enthusiastic about public welfare, university professors, and experts in environmental protection, education, science and technology。The institutional management is standardized, the system is built, the team structure is stable, the core personnel speak politics, principles, and seek results, and actively cooperate with relevant units and departments to promote the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection。In 2014, it was awarded the 4A level unit of social organization Evaluation。
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Nanjing Basalt environment Culture Promotion Association
Nanjing Xuanwu Environmental Culture Promotion Association
Since its inception in 2009,Has been committed to carrying out environmental public welfare activities,Has been recognized by the public,At the same time, it improves the awareness of public participation in environmental protection and promotes the realization of low-carbon life in the community,The agency's regular environmental volunteers,Many people have won the second National Model alley Prime Minister, Jiangsu Province excellent environmental protection volunteers, Nanjing model workers, Nanjing excellent Communist Party members, Nanjing good citizens, Xuanwu District People's Congress representatives and many other awards,It also provides a platform for communication, communication and support for the green community。
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Zhenjiang Green Sanshan environmental public service center
  Zhenjiang Green Sanshan Environmental Public Service Center was established in August 2011 and officially registered in Zhenjiang Civil Affairs Bureau in 2013。In 2014, it became a member of Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Federation and passed the AAAA social organization certification in 2015. It is the first private non-enterprise unit in Zhenjiang that focuses on environmental protection。   Since its establishment, with primary and secondary school students as the main body, adhering to the concept of environmental education, the organization of various environmental protection activities, aimed at improving children's environmental awareness, strengthening environmentally friendly behavior, so that children become environmental protection practitioners!   Through two years of continuous exploration and innovation, Green Sanshan has formed a set of replicable, sustainable and mature environmental education model。It plans to become the most influential environmental education institution in Jiangsu Province within 5 years。   Mission: To educate young people to practice environmental protection! 【世界十大电子游戏平台】 Environmental education Environmental law consulting Environmental public welfare activities
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