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  Activity recommendation 2022 National Beauty Action and 2023 Environmental reporter award certificates can be downloaded! Click to see more
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Air quality in 13 districts of Jiangsu Province at 08:00 on October 28
Ranking of Dust Fall in cities divided into districts in Jiangsu Province (September 2023)  2023-10-28
Environmental Air Quality ranking of counties (cities and districts) in Jiangsu Province in September 2023  2023-10-28
The 24th China International Education Conference opens in Beijing  2023-10-28
The Supreme People's Procuratorate: Zero tolerance for the use of the Internet to violate minors  2023-10-28
Air quality at 07:00 on October 26 in 13 cities divided into districts in Jiangsu   2023-10-26
Environmental Air Quality Forecast in Yangtze River Delta (October 24-30)  2023-10-26
The Shenzhou 17 manned spacecraft will be launched at 11:14 am on October 26  2023-10-26
Internet of Things new species enterprise development report released Wuxi Suzhou Nanjing into the top ten list  2023-10-26
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Jiangsu beauty action
It is an environmental protection practice activity aimed at improving the environmental awareness and participation ability of primary and secondary school students, and encouraging students to use the school and surrounding environmental resources to design and implement their own environmental protection small programs to solve environmental problems around them...
"I am the beautiful Jiangsu little master" environmental protection activities
Encourage children and adolescents to accept, practice and spread the ecological concept of green development of "respecting nature, conforming to nature and protecting nature" in schools, families and communities through conscious participation in various environmental protection practical and experiential activities...
Campus ecological culture exploration exchange meeting held in Suzhou
In order to implement beautiful China, I am an activist to enhance citizens' awareness of ecological civilization action plan, Jiangsu Province ecological civilization education promotion measures and other document requirements。Combined with the province I am the beautiful Jiangsu little master, Jiangsu beauty action and other activities in...
"Water and Health" journey of discovery
Water is the source of life, for more students to understand water。On September 23, Jiangsu Green Friends teachers walked into Xitang Experimental Primary School in Kunshan High-tech Zone to explore water and "Water and Water" with the students through interaction, experience and experiment...
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Public say environmental protection
· Keep the brush and ink and build a system of contemporary Chinese painting
· Popular Science "Cloud Q&A" : "Ask science for answers"
· Today, how do we do science popularization
· Zero tolerance for falsification of carbon emission data
· In Nantong, winning this honor can be rewarded with 100,000 yuan!
· China has realized the registration of the rights of internationally important wetlands
· Do not idle, a consistent, a long time for work
· What are the "hard bones" to chew on in public interest litigation?
Green Creativity Competition
· The Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued these two announcements, Jiangsu 8 places on the list
· Jiangsu two selected as 2023 national environmental health management pilot
· 3 people from Jiangsu were awarded the national advanced individuals for Yangtze finless porpoise protection
Where are the 38 beautiful rivers and lakes in the second batch |?
· First in the province!Eight projects in Nanjing were selected into the provincial green building innovation list
· The list of National Industrial Tourism Demonstration Bases announced that 3 units in Jiangsu were selected
· 2023“八喜杯”《世界十大电子游戏平台》故事续讲大赛通知
· What are the highlights of the release of the first typical case of ecological environmental protection and ecological restoration
Environmental protection tips
Green life / Science popularization of environmental protection / Environmental protection festival / Policies and regulations / Water knowledge /
· Jiangsu released "Helicobacter Pylori Infection and Drug Resistance Map"
· Provide useful reference for global urban development
· Suzhou National Historic and Cultural City Protection Memorial Day was held
· New technology can diagnose cancer quickly and minimally
· Where quantum technology will play a big role?
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Come to the service Trade fair, look at these black technologies
The special exhibition of environmental services held in the National Stadium and Shougang Park has set up exhibition areas such as low-carbon energy, climate and carbon economy, carbon neutrality and green technology, circular economy, and future scientific and technological travel...
This is the new era of Chinese soldiers!
Deep blue sea, snowy border, where there is a need where they charge in front of the figure。Face life and death, fearless, they use youth to guard the rivers and mountains, with blood to highlight the mission, they have one...
Let's take a look at the June 5 Environment Day in the eyes of the media in those years
World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th and is the most important day for promoting environmental action worldwide。Since 1985, China has been commemorating World Environment Day on the theme set by the United Nations Environment Programme...
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