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Activity theme
· I am a beautiful Jiangsu small master - water saving I first · I am the beautiful Jiangsu little master - I protect biodiversity
· I am the beautiful Jiangsu little master - garbage classification I act · I am the beautiful Jiangsu little master - hometown culture I spread
Tuansu-su Committee (2022) No. 14 - Notice on the implementation of 2023
Interactive communication
Active object All young pioneers in Jiangsu Province
Work application Choose "photography, picture book, composition, video, small topic" five forms to express and show。Limit one entry per person per format
Activity arrangement timetable
I am the beautiful Jiangsu little master Thematic educational practice activities
  习近平总书记在党的二十大报告中将“促进人与自然和谐共生”作为中国式现代化本质要求的重要内容,对新时代新征程生态文明建设作出重要部署。To implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress,Implement the Opinions of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government on Steadily Promoting the Construction of Beautiful Jiangsu,The Youth League Committee, the Provincial Department of Education, the provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, the Provincial Department of Water Resources, the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the Provincial Youth Working Committee continue to carry out the theme of "I am a beautiful Jiangsu little master" educational practice activities,Let the construction of a beautiful hometown become a conscious action of the Young pioneers。The requirements are as follows:
  1.Attach great importance to and cooperate closely。Organizers at all levels should strengthen communication and jointly formulate activity plans and promotion measures。It is necessary to give full play to business expertise, cooperate closely, integrate resources, open the base, and effectively create conditions and create an atmosphere for grassroots to carry out good activities。
  2.Seize the opportunity to deepen activities。Education departments and team systems at all levels should combine ecological education with the implementation of relevant courses and activities such as the "Red Scarf Medal", carefully designed and seriously implemented。Departments of environmental protection, urban management, water conservancy, agriculture and rural areas at all levels should take the initiative to announce and support teams to organize visits to relevant bases, guide schools to carry out activities, and effectively serve the construction of beautiful Jiangsu。
  3.Strengthen publicity and create an atmosphere。The school's youth working committee and large squadron should use new media, radio stations, television stations, publicity columns, blackboard newspapers and other positions to publicize this activity and promote the construction of campus ecological culture。The grass-roots organizers should increase the dissemination of activities, innovate educational means, and strive to make the "small actions" of Red Scarf ecological practice arouse the "big participation" of the society.。
1 I am a beautiful Jiangsu small master - water saving I first
  Water is the most beautiful business card of Jiangsu。Jiangsu is the only province in China with both rivers, lakes and seas, and its water area occupies the first place in the country. However, the transit water resources are abundant and the local water resources are insufficient, which restricts the sustainable development。Organize team members to participate in water-saving activities through the following paths:
  1.Learn about water conditions。Guide the team members to visit the water situation education and water saving education base by consulting materials,Read water saving books,Learn water ecology science knowledge,Understand that water is the source of life,Experience the profound water culture of Jiangsu,Understand what is a water-saving society and why should Jiangsu water towns save water,Understand the truth that water saving means open source and efficiency increase, and water saving means emission reduction and loss reduction,Establish water-saving concept。
  2.Master water-saving methods。Organize team members to learn about local water conditions and prices, pay attention to water saving methods in families, schools and communities, summarize tips for saving water, encourage water-saving inventions, strengthen water-saving concepts and awareness, master water-saving methods, and develop water-saving habits。
  3.Spread the concept of water conservation。Guide the team members to publicize the "Code of Conduct for Citizens to save Water", spread water-saving experience and knowledge, advocate water-saving and water-saving behaviors, understand and protect the mother river and Happy River around them, and create water-saving and water-loving fashion。
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2 I am the beautiful Jiangsu little master - biodiversity I protect
  Man and nature are a community of life. Respecting, adapting to and protecting nature is the only way to build a harmonious coexistence between man and nature。Guide the team members to integrate the concept of biodiversity protection into daily life through a series of activities, and develop a green life consciousness。
  1.Understanding the significance of biodiversity conservation。Encourage the team members to read extracurricular books, hold theme class team meetings, field visits and other forms,Study biodiversity carefully,Understand that biodiversity constitutes the colorful and vibrant world of nature,It is the condition of human survival,It is the foundation of economic and social development,It is the guarantee of ecological security and food security。To protect biodiversity is to protect ourselves。
  2.Participate in biodiversity conservation activities。Organize members to go into nature reserves, zoos and botanical gardens to carry out outdoor observation, to understand the living habits of animals and plants;Set up animal and plant protection corners on campus and set up study teams to carry out long-term observation activities。In the process of carrying out observation activities, continuous tracking records are made through photos, videos, etc., and investigation and research on biodiversity conservation are conducted in the form of observation notes。
  3.Work as a biodiversity campaigner。In conjunction with the "May 22" Biodiversity Day, "6.5 "Environment Day and other theme publicity days, organize team members to make publicity panels, distribute publicity materials, and carry out publicity and education activities on biodiversity conservation in schools and communities to promote public participation in biodiversity conservation。
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3 I am a beautiful Jiangsu little master - garbage classification I act
  Garbage is an important part of the material cycle。Garbage classification is an inevitable choice to achieve reduction, quality and efficiency, and an important measure to improve the living environment, promote urban and rural fine management, and ensure sustainable development。The Young pioneers should become practitioners and propagandists of the new fashion of garbage classification。
  1.Learn about garbage sorting。Guide the team members to understand what garbage is, why garbage should be classified, understand the truth that garbage is misplaced resources, and understand the meaning of "garbage classification is the new fashion" by consulting information, visiting garbage incineration power plants, food and kitchen waste treatment plants and other domestic waste treatment places。
  2.Master garbage sorting methods。Guide the team members to apply the knowledge of garbage classification into practice, understand the difficulties and problems encountered in garbage classification, and explore the practice and method of reducing garbage generation, turning waste into treasure, and living a low-carbon life better。
  3.Carry out the activity of "small hands pulling big hands"。Combine the creation of a civilized city with the construction of an ecologically livable and beautiful countryside,Guide the integration of school, community and family,Carry out interactive activities with garbage classification as the main content in various forms and ways,Team members are encouraged to encourage family members and community members around them to participate in the practice of waste reduction and separate collection,Make garbage sorting a habit。
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4 I am the beautiful Jiangsu little master - hometown culture I spread
  Jiangsu is rich in culture, folk customs and distinctive regional characteristics, rich in famous and excellent specialties, diverse forms of traditional handicrafts and exquisite skills。Team members are encouraged to participate in hometown culture dissemination activities through the following routes:
  1.Recommended hometown talent。The new Jiangsu, which is people-oriented, has the "four dares" spirit of "cadres dare to do, localities dare to rush, enterprises dare to do, and the masses dare to create"。Guide the young pioneers to find people who practice the spirit of "four dares" around them, learn and publicize these villagers, capable people, good league members, and good party members who have contributed to the people of their hometown。
  2.Digging nostalgia memories。Hometown knowledge is a culture that can influence people's beliefs, a remembered "nostalgia", full of regional "cultural identity".。Guide the young pioneers through visiting the village history hall, farm tools hall, folklore hall and other venues, as well as searching for local famous specialties and other activities, to understand, inherit and publicize the farming culture, folk customs, urban characteristics and hometown knowledge。
  3.Promote happy life。Centering on the theme of "Livable city" and "Beautiful countryside", the team members were guided to follow the four contents of "beautiful planning and layout, beautiful urban and rural clean environment, beautiful living and working life, and beautiful civil customs and physical and mental beauty", showing the sense of gain, happiness and security of people's lives after the continuous improvement of urban and rural ecology in the new practice of beautiful Jiangsu。
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2023 "I am a beautiful Jiangsu little master" theme education practice activities
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