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The eighth batch of Chinese historical and cultural towns and villages to apply for recognition work started
Release time: 2023/8/21 0:02:30
Source: Guangming Daily Click: 2948

   Beijing, August 19 (reporter Qiu Yue) Historical and cultural towns and villages are important carriers of Chinese excellent traditional culture, focusing on showing China's excellent traditional architectural style and architectural art, is the nostalgia of the people。The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage recently issued a notice, deciding to carry out the eighth batch of Chinese historical and cultural towns and villages to declare the recognition work。
   According to the notice, the applicants should meet the conditions of outstanding historical and cultural value, rich preservation of cultural relics, concentrated historical buildings, good preservation of traditional patterns and historical features, perfect protection and management mechanism, and no major demolition or construction, demolition and fake construction, or destruction of protected objects in the past three years。In addition, the focus of the circular will witness the Communist Party of China led the Chinese people to pursue national liberation, the founding of New China and the great course of reform and opening up achievements in the construction of towns and villages into the value evaluation category。
   The notice proposed that this declaration will enable the declaration information platform of China's historical and cultural towns and villages, requiring the promotion of informatization in the protection of historical and cultural towns and villages, and laying a solid foundation for the further establishment of a national database of famous towns and villages and digital supervision and dynamic assessment。
   The notice stressed that all localities should pay attention to the use of universities, scientific research and design units, social groups and experts and scholars and other aspects of society to carry out resource census work, to ensure that the declared towns (villages) have protection value。
   2003年10月,The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage announced the first batch of 22 Chinese historical and cultural towns and villages (10 towns, 12 villages).,So far, a total of 799 Chinese historical and cultural towns and villages have been announced in seven batches,其中,There are 312 famous historical and cultural towns in China,There are 487 famous historical and cultural villages in China。A large number of ancient towns and villages have been included in the protection list, and they have received true and complete protection, laying an important foundation for the comprehensive and systematic protection of various historical and cultural resources, the good telling of Chinese stories, and the good inheritance of Chinese civilization。

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