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The eighth batch of national ecological and environmental science popularization bases was successfully established
Release time: 2023/8/22 20:57:43
Source: Ministry of Ecology and Environment Click: 2892

The eighth batch of national ecological and environmental science popularization bases was successfully established, and the basic capacity of ecological and environmental science popularization was further improved

According to the relevant requirements of the "National Measures for the Management of Ecological Environment science Popularization Base", recommended by various localities and departments, on-site sampling, expert review and publicity, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly approved, and recently jointly announced the list of the eighth batch of 36 national ecological environment science popularization bases。The goal of "building a number of national ecological environment science popularization bases to achieve full coverage at the provincial level" proposed in the "14th Five-Year Plan" Implementation Plan for Ecological Environment science Popularization work has been achieved ahead of schedule。

The review and establishment of the national ecological and environmental science popularization Base was launched in 2006,Up to now,A total of 138 science bases have been established nationwide,Covering 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities),The base types include six categories: science popularization venues, nature protected areas, enterprises, industrial parks, scientific research institutes, and education and training,It serves hundreds of millions of people every year,It has become an important place to display scientific and technological achievements in ecological environmental protection and ecological civilization practice,It is an important position to popularize the scientific and technological knowledge of ecological environment to the public and improve the ecological and scientific and cultural quality of the whole people。

National ecological environment science base since its establishment,积极宣传践行习近平生态文明思想,We will create new ways and means of doing science popularization,We will improve our ability to provide science popularization services,Expand the dissemination of ecological and environmental science knowledge,Give full play to the social, mass, and regular ecological environment science popularization demonstration and radiation driving role,In order to build a beautiful China and promote the modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, ecological environmental science and technology will be constantly pooled。

Notice on Announcing the List of the Eighth Batch of National Ecological and Environmental Science Bases:

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