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The evaluation results of a new batch of featured schools of art education in primary and secondary schools in Jiangsu Province were released
Release time: 2023/8/22 21:26:36
Source: Jiangsu Education release click: 2985

A new batch of Jiangsu primary and secondary school art education characteristic schools evaluation results released, let's see which schools

    In accordance with the spirit of the "Notice of the Provincial Department of Education on carrying out the evaluation of schools with provincial art education Characteristics" (Su Education Art Letter (2023) No. 4), the education bureau of each district recommended 73 primary and secondary schools to apply for a new batch of provincial primary and secondary school art education characteristics schools。In June this year, the provincial Department of Education organized 13 expert groups to carry out field evaluation of this batch of declared schools, and randomly inspected 1 existing provincial art education characteristic schools in each district city。The evaluation results are hereby reported as follows
    1. Basis for evaluation
    The evaluation is carried out in accordance with the Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and Improving Aesthetic Education in Schools in the New Era issued by the Central Office and the State Office, the Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and Improving Aesthetic Education in Schools in the New Era issued by the General Office of the Provincial Party Committee and the General Office of the provincial Government, and the Working Regulations on School Art Education and the Methods for Assessing the Artistic Quality of primary and secondary School Students issued by the Ministry of Education。
    The evaluation work is "for all students,To improve students' aesthetic and humanistic quality "as the goal,A number of characteristic schools of art education with leading aesthetic education concepts, high art curriculum quality, notable art activities, strong art teachers, good art education conditions, and certain influence in the region should be built,It provides a demonstration for all kinds of primary and secondary schools at all levels to implement quality education, accelerate the development of art education, and improve the quality of aesthetic education in schools,In the process of education modernization, the advantages of aesthetic education in Jiangsu schools are highlighted。
    2. Evaluation conclusion
    71 schools, including Xianlin Primary School, High School affiliated to Nanjing Normal University, have met the standards of provincial art education characteristic schools, becoming the seventh batch of Jiangsu primary and secondary school art education characteristic schools (see the attachment for the specific list).。Among them:Nanjing Normal University Affiliated High School Xianlin School, Nanjing Jiangbei New District Pukou Foreign Language School, Wuxi Yangming Binhe Primary School, Wuxi Jiangyin City Experimental Primary School, Jiangsu Model Art School, Xuzhou Democratic Experimental School, Changzhou City Qianjie Primary School, Changzhou Senior High School, Suzhou Taicang Experimental Primary School, Suzhou Zhangjiagang Liangfeng Junior High School, Nantong Hai 'anCity experimental Primary School, Nantong Zilang No. 1 Primary School, Lianyungang Huanghai Road Primary School, Lianyungang Guanyun County New District Experimental Primary School, Jiangsu Huaiyin Middle School New Town campus, Yancheng Xinhe Experimental Primary School, Yangzhou Hanjiang District Jiangwang Central Primary School, Zhenjiang Danyang City Kuangyaming Primary School, Zhenjiang Danyang Danfeng Experimental Primary School, Taizhou Jingjiang No. 1 Senior High School, a total of 20 schools have achieved resultsTo excellent rank,The remaining 51 schools (including 3 re-evaluated schools) achieved satisfactory results。
    The expert group randomly selected Nanjing East Beijing Road Primary School branch Red Sun Primary School, Wuxi Wuai Primary School, Xuzhou Jiefang Road Primary School, Changzhou Chaoyang Second Primary School, Suzhou Wujiang City Jiaoxiang Experimental Primary School, Jiangsu Nantong Middle School, Lianyungang City Haizhou District Jianning Primary School, Huaian City Xin 'an Primary School New District branch School, Yancheng Jiefang Road Experimental School, Yangzhou City Jiangdu District Longchuan Primary School, Jiangsu ProvinceYangzhong Senior High School, Taizhou Jiangyan District Experimental Primary School Education Group Luotang campus, Suqian Suyu District Zhangjiagang Experimental Primary School, a total of 13 existing provincial art education characteristic schools,The results of random inspection were all qualified。
    The total score of Huishan secondary professional School in Jiangsu Province failed to meet the qualification requirements of provincial art education schools, and the total score and some key indicators of Jingkou District primary school in Zhenjiang City failed to meet the qualification requirements of provincial art education schools, and 2 schools were suspended from the evaluation。Schools are requested to rectify according to the feedback of the expert group, and after the Municipal Education Bureau finds that the rectification is qualified, they can apply for re-evaluation in the next batch of provincial art education characteristic schools organized by the Provincial Education Department。

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    3. Evaluation and analysis
    1.Achievements achieved。It is mainly manifested in the strong organization and leadership of the school aesthetic education work, sound management system, efficient operation mechanism, clear development plan, sufficient teachers, good courses, effective resource development, scientific research demonstration, orderly promotion of evaluation, sufficient activity places, safeguard measures in place, continuous optimization of equipment, comprehensive popularization of activities, prominent advantageous projects, prominent characteristics and results。For example, Xianlin Primary School, high school affiliated to Nanjing Normal University, constructs an art education system with "elegant music" as the core,Educational research leads the development of schools, students and teachers;Nanjing Jiangbei New District Pukou Foreign Language School adheres to the combination of various forms of "performance evaluation" and "final evaluation",Innovative assessment mode of students' artistic quality;Wuxi Yangming Binhe Primary School through the development priority system, project leading system,The school aesthetic education into the basic task of the whole process;The art education of the experimental primary school in Jiangyin City, Wuxi is rooted, organized, patterned, talking and laughing,Explore the new form of art education;Jiangsu Model Art School relies on professional advantages,A relatively complete art education system and a team of art teachers have been established.Xuzhou Democratic Experimental School for children to create a full range of experience and the whole process of practice of art education,Create a good art environment and school characteristics;Changzhou City Bureau Qianjie Primary School is guided by the art education concept of "art pulse, art road, flower",Exploring the mode of aesthetic education with the integration of various forms;Changzhou Senior High School in Jiangsu Province adheres to the "four foundations" orientation of art education,Adhere to the idea and goal of aesthetic education in school, which is to educate virtue and people by aesthetic education.Suzhou Taicang Experimental Primary School art education has a sound organization, perfect management system, clear job responsibilities and good operating mechanism;Suzhou Zhangjiagang Liangfeng Junior High School pays attention to the development of art practice activities,To improve students' artistic quality in various forms;The art education work of Nantong Haian Experimental Primary School strives for the atmosphere of "people in the eye".,Activity "With Roots in Mind",Quality "there is light in the eyes";Nantong Zilang No. 1 Primary School has a strong atmosphere of art practice and rich activities,Perfect student evaluation mechanism;Huanghai Road Primary School of Lianyungang City builds the "foundation + characteristics" "elegant curriculum" and "New six arts" association curriculum,Highlight the school's art education characteristics;New District Experimental Primary School in Guanyun County, Lianyungang City, has passed the construction of "one corridor", "three districts", "four fields" and "N room",Adhere to the popularization of art education;Jiangsu Huaiyin Middle School New Town campus attaches great importance to the construction of art teachers,Pay attention to the diversity of art practice activities;Yancheng Xinhe Experimental Primary School has abundant art practice activities,Achieve "everyone has a project,Everyone has special skills ";Yangzhou Hanjiang District Jiangwang Town central primary school art education pays attention to the overall design,Attach importance to resource development,Explore a new path for the development of art characteristics;The art education materials of Kuangyaming Primary School in Danyang City, Zhenjiang are detailed, abundant, real and standardized,Fully embodies the whole process of aesthetic education thought;Zhenjiang Danyang Danfeng Experimental Primary School attaches great importance to the inheritance of excellent traditional Chinese culture,It fully embodies the educational function of multi-disciplinary integration of art education.The art education of Taizhou Jingjiang No. 1 Senior High School is constantly improving its operating mechanism,Strengthen team building,Optimize art practice,Create an artistic atmosphere。
    2.Existing problem。It is mainly manifested in the lack of balanced development between regions and schools,The quality of basic index is different.The evaluation system of students' artistic quality is not perfect,The forms of assessment are not diverse enough,The process material is not complete;The total number of art teachers is up to par,However, the phenomenon of insufficient full-time art teachers is still relatively common;Occasionally art classes are occupied;Art classroom facilities and equipment and atmosphere are not enough;Some school characteristics are not obvious;Some schools "for everyone" popular art club activities are insufficient。
    The education bureau of each district city is requested to strengthen the supervision and guidance of the creation of schools with art education characteristics, strictly check, so as to effectively play the guiding and exemplary role of schools with art education characteristics in the province。It is hoped that a new batch of provincial art education characteristic schools will further summarize the experience of this establishment,Analyze the existing problems,Study the feedback and suggestions of the expert group,Take effective improvement measures,Make the basic work of art education more pragmatic,The organization and management are more scientific,The teaching staff is more optimized,Art classes are more efficient,The art practice is more abundant,The security conditions have been improved,Characteristic projects are more prominent,Become a model of aesthetic education in schools in the region。

Editor: Ai Luqi
Source: Jiangsu Education

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