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What are the highlights of the release of the first typical case of ecological environmental protection and ecological restoration
Release time: 2023/8/26 12:44:55
Source: China Environment Network Click: 3069

On August 24, the 2023 World Canal Urban Forum on Ecological Environmental Protection and ecological Restoration released typical cases for the first time, and 25 ecological restoration cases including Yangzhou Sanwan Wetland, Guilin Lingqu Wetland, Tianjin Qilihai Wetland and North Glasgow in the United Kingdom were successfully selected。

The selection of Canal urban ecological restoration cases is a vivid practice of summarizing and demonstrating major projects in the field of ecological environment, which provides a reference and demonstration for improving the regional ecological environment quality along the Grand Canal, realizing the integration of ecological environmental protection and cultural inheritance, and promoting regional coordinated development, green development and high-quality development。

First: Establish a "new standard" for conservation and restoration

In order to evaluate cases scientifically, efficiently and fairly, and on the basis of extensive consultation, the Forum issued the Evaluation Criteria for Typical Cases of Ecological Protection and Restoration of Canal Cities.。The evaluation criteria are mainly combined with the planning objectives of the Special Plan for the Protection and Restoration of the Grand Canal Ecological Environment (to be released in 2020) and the NBS Global Standard for Nature-Based Solutions.,From the environmental health, green development, urban and rural livable, humanities and other four areas,Fifteen indicators were designed, including environmental quality improvement, technological innovation in governance, and institutional system construction,It provides a scientific basis for the new card and symbol of green ecological construction of Canal city,It also provides the exploration experience of canal ecological protection for the construction of beautiful China。

"Combine the evaluation criteria,Through the case form review, field investigation, content research and judgment,Use this evaluation standard to conduct expert group evaluation and index scoring,25 typical ecological restoration cases of canal cities were selected,Among them, Yangzhou Sanwan Wetland, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Yongding River, Tianjin Qilihai Wetland, Guangxi Lingqu, Xuzhou Pan 'an Lake, UK North Glasgow and other ecological restoration cases were shared and exchanged at the World Canal Ecological Restoration Sub-Forum。Xiao Rui, dean of the School of Energy and Environment, Southeast University, introduced at the sub-forum。

All the outstanding typical ecological restoration cases selected this time are included in the 2023 World Canal Urban Ecological Environment Protection and Restoration Case Collection.,The projects involved have wide coverage, strong orientation and great influence,Focus on solving the prominent ecological environment problems of canal urban rivers,It fully demonstrates the excellent achievements of canal cities at home and abroad in the field of ecological environment,It is the concrete manifestation of "respecting nature, conforming to nature and protecting nature"。

Typical: Establish a "new demonstration" of major projects

Since the "14th Five-Year Plan", the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has attached importance to the construction of major ecological and environmental projects, established a leading group to promote the "14th Five-Year Plan" major projects, and coordinated the implementation of major projects。We will encourage local governments to implement, reserve and plan a number of major projects,Initially establish the national "14th Five-Year Plan" major engineering projects in the field of ecological environment ledger management system,To organize local governments to carry out mid-term assessment of the implementation of major ecological and environmental projects under the 14th Five-Year Plan,We will promote a comprehensive review of local projects,Find out the problems existing in the process of work promotion,Establish and improve relevant working mechanisms。We got a basic picture of the number of major ecological and environmental projects in the country, guided all localities to establish a working mechanism for promoting major projects, and played a positive role in economic stability。

It is understood,Since the release of information collection of typical cases of canal urban ecological restoration,A total of more than 80 cases of canal urban ecological restoration were obtained,Based on quantity,Take "quality" as the orientation,Under the guidance of China Ecological Civilization Research Promotion Association and Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of Ecological Environment,The expert group is composed of industry scholars from well-known universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises and scientists at home and abroad,The evaluation of this typical case was carried out。

Practice: Show typical cases "new power"

"Inheriting the Chinese civilization and building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation must contain the inheritance and promotion of the traditional Chinese concept of nature, and highlight the mind and pursuit of ecological civilization construction in the new era.。Narrating the "big environment" through "small cases", guiding the comprehensive realization of the beautiful canal scene with orderly rivers and lakes and beautiful and livable environment, plays an important leading role in promoting the green, low-carbon and high-quality development of canal cities, and building the canal with harmonious coexistence between man and nature。He Jun, vice president of the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said。

Yangzhou Canal Sanwan Wetland Park is located in the Sanwan section of ancient Canal, which is a great hydraulic site where ancient people respected nature, adapted to nature and made use of nature。Through a series of projects such as relocation of polluting enterprises, treatment of canal water environment, construction of mound slope, revegetation and afforestation, the vitality and vitality of the ancient Canal, a world cultural heritage, have been revitalized and become a new card of the southern part of Yangzhou city, a new benchmark of wetland ecological protection and a new highlight of the construction of the park system。The expert comments not only interpret the core meaning of Yangzhou exploration, but also provide useful experience guidance for more canal cities to promote ecological protection and restoration。

This case collection and exchange activity also reflects the shortcomings and shortcomings of major projects in the field of ecological environment around the country from the side, and provides valuable practical experience for promoting the implementation of major projects in the field of ecological environment in the second half of the "14th Five-Year Plan"。

Appendix: List of 25 Cases of Ecological Environmental Protection and Ecological Restoration

1. Innovative practice of comprehensive management and ecological restoration in Yongding River Basin

2. Case study of ecological protection and restoration of Qilihai Wetland in Tianjin

3. Case of ecological protection, restoration and management of Lingqu in Xing 'an County, Guilin City

4. Ecological protection and restoration of EOD in Luohanguo Town, Jingkai District, Guilin City

5. Hengshui City old city Dikou canal water environment comprehensive treatment case

6. Handan City Garden Expo ecological restoration case

7. Ecological protection and restoration case of Nansi Lake basin in Jining City

8. Case study of ecological restoration and treatment in coal mining subsidence area of Huaibei City

9. Suzhou City Lingbi County Zhong Kui cultural Park ecological restoration case

10. Suzhou city Xiaoxian Longshan Park ecological restoration case

11. Grand Canal (Hangzhou section) industrial heritage protection and utilization classic case

12. Shaoxing city dragonfly pool ecological restoration case

13. Jiaxing City South Lake ecological protection and restoration project case

14. Case study of integrated governance in North Glasgow, UK

15. Ecological protection and restoration and landscape improvement case of Yanxi Nature Garden in Incheon, South Korea

16. Jiangyin city ecological environment comprehensive treatment case

17. Case of ecological protection and restoration of coal mining subsidence in Jiawang District, Xuzhou City

18. Xuzhou Jinlong Lake (Dongzhu Mountain) Dongkou Park ecological restoration case

19. Suzhou Xiaoxia Bay wetland ecological security buffer zone construction case

20. Huaian city Baima Lake ecological restoration case

21. Case of ecological protection and restoration of Sanwan Wetland Park in Yangzhou Canal

22. Case study of ecological protection and restoration of Beihu Wetland Park in Yangzhou City

23. Jiangdu district of Yangzhou City south-to-north water diversion ecological restoration project

24. Zhenjiang City New District Chuishan ecological restoration case

25. Ecological restoration case of Yunhe Bay in Suqian City

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