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Unique "First Lesson of Ecological Civilization"
Release time: 2023/9/2 15:03:46
Source: Jiangsu Environment Click: 2888

    Xiaodao Mountain, located in Zhuma Village, Yuntai Street, Yuntai Mountain Scenic spot, is a protected area for Chinese egrets and the largest egret habitat in Lianyungang, with more than 30 species of wild birds。On August 31, the first lesson of ecological civilization was held here。

(Internet photo)

     Students from Lianyungang primary and secondary schools walked into Xiaodao Mountain to participate in a unique "First lesson of ecological civilization" and experience the beautiful ecological environment of the port city。

     Mr. Gong Lian, the "island owner" of Xiaodao Mountain, told the students who participated in the "First Lesson of Ecological Civilization" the touching stories of the construction and protection of the island area in the past 20 years。

(Internet photo)

     Mr. Gong Lian said that the small island mountain is an inconspicuous hill next to the South Yuntai Mountain。In the summer, birds sing, flowers and trees, thousands of egrets in the woods, like dynamic magnolia, dotted in the green mountains and green waters, especially beautiful。

     He also introduced the growth of wildlife in the area。In the dense forest, the dense green sun, birds chirping cicadas, students in the natural environment, experience the charm of the natural environment, both excited and curious。

     At the activity site, the teachers of the Art Museum also led the students to carry out hand-painted activities. The children used natural materials and brushes in their hands to paint ecological pictures of egrets。

     Wu Liye, a lifelong member of the Butterfly Branch of the Entomological Society of China and Secretary General of the Education and Customs Working Committee of Lianyungang City, who has rich experience in nature education, felt the connotation of biodiversity in lectures and interactions with the students。

     Wang Lijie, director of the Nature Department of Lianyungang Ecological Environment Bureau, said that by carrying out the "first lesson of the semester", popularizing the relevant knowledge of protecting biodiversity and ecological environment to the students is of great practical significance for firmly establishing the concept of ecological civilization and promoting the modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature。

     Mr. Gong Lian believes that by carrying out wild bird identification courses, students not only understand the local distribution of bird species and protection status, but also enhance their awareness of wildlife protection。

    Wang from Cangwu Primary School said that the biggest harvest today is to understand some of the characteristics of wild animals and plants, the most impressive is the egret, in the past only seen in the video, this time to see, I feel really different。

(Correspondent: Liu Yong)

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