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"Water and Health" journey of discovery
Release time: 2023/10/1 11:00:27
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    Water is the source of life, for more students to understand water。On September 23, Jiangsu Green Friends teachers walked into Xitang Experimental Primary School in Kunshan High-tech Zone to explore water and "water and health" knowledge with the students through interaction, experience and experiment。

    97 of the earth's water resources.47% is undrinkable salt water, and fresh water resources only account for 2% of the total water on Earth.5%, of which humans can really use the water accounted for only 0 percent of the Earth's total water.26%。

More than 70% of the human body is water, human life belongs to water, without water the blood of the human body will not flow, people can not get life。

Drinking water can detoxify, only drink good water, people have good health!We drink water every day. Do you know how to drink water correctly?

The students themselves respectively like to drink a variety of beverages, drinking water and other substances to carry out experiments。

Ha ha, the results of the experiment of these groups of students are yellow, indicating that the drink is acidic, it is recommended to drink less。

    Teachers and students say:

    Guan Yuyan said:From today on, brush your teeth and turn off the faucet, turn off the faucet when you take a bath and soap, turn off the faucet after using up the water, there are many, many things we can do, as long as the heart of our children can become a small pacesetter of water saving。

    Liu Tongyu said:If you want to cherish water, you must start from saving water, proud of saving water, waste water shameful, washing rice water can be used to wash dishes, wash hands and face water can be used to wash the toilet, so that water can play a greater role。

    Teacher Wu Mengjie said:In the open class, the teacher told the students about the knowledge of water and the culture of water, so that they could understand the deep understanding of water in the Chinese civilization since ancient times。However, water pollution caused by human over-exploitation of nature has become a global problem。I believe that through this open class, my students will better understand the importance of water resources and the importance of protecting the environment。

    Teacher Yang Liling said:In this class, the teacher and the students investigated and communicated on the preciousness of water resources, the current situation of water resources and the impact of water resources on daily life。As a teacher, in the future, I will also infiltrate the preciousness of water resources and the environmental protection concept of water resources protection into daily teaching, and encourage children to take active actions, start from the little things around us, save water and protect the water resources we rely on for survival。

    Zhu Jianxun, principal of Xitang Experimental Primary School When talking about water and health, Kunshan said that although it is located in the lower reaches of Taihu Lake Basin, the river network is dense, and the total amount of water resources is abundant, but with the rapid economic and social development, the demand for water resources is increasing day by day, and the problem of water shortage is still prominent。Therefore, today we invite Jiangsu Green Friends teacher to tell the story of water and health, and share the methods and relevant knowledge of correct drinking water, caring for water and saving water。

(Correspondent: Wang Jianping)

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