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With the motherland, everyone can
Release time: 2023/10/2 18:57:17
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Your voice, we want to hear;
Your concern, we see together。

Photo credit: Visual China

"Stand higher and see further", on the 74th anniversary of the founding of New China, 18 scientific teams in China reached the summit of the world's sixth highest peak, Zhuoyu Peak, and mountaineering scientific expeditions entered the normal。For the motherland in new areas to open up new progress, National Day, they so with the motherland frame。

Today is the birthday of new China, the people's festival。At this time, the hot and deep feelings of the family and the country will always reverberate in the depths of the history of Chinese civilization。Fight for the dream, because of the struggle and wonderful。The five-star red flag flies high above the border;Fighter jets and the Great Wall shock the same frame;At the opening ceremony of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, a touch of "Chinese red" reflects the great rivers and mountains...Tens of thousands of doers grow up with the motherland and forge ahead with The Times。

National Day Eve,China independently developed with independent intellectual property rights of high-power freight electric locomotive "No. 8" electric locomotive off the production line;One by one, "China core" gathers,China has the world's largest 5G network;Interpret the dream and fly,China's manned space program has a broader flight platform,Longer flight time,The first class of the semester was also moved to space;From Chengdu Universiade to Hangzhou Asian Games...Athletes competed fiercely, different civilizations complemented each other, and digital technology gave full play,Full of Chinese charm。With the motherland, these moments shine brightly。

The ordinary can also make the extraordinary。Behind the splendor, every leap of the Republic is also inseparable from every ordinary struggler, and every person is a witness, pioneer, and builder of the new era。Under the leadership of the Party, hundreds of millions of people have created a better life with their industrious hands and hard sweat, and also pushed the era forward。Behind the rapid development of the country and society, it is also inseparable from the efforts of a mortal hero - loyal to his duty in ordinary work, silently contributing in the passage of years, sticking to the original heart like a screw。On this National Day, everyone is also in a variety of ways with the motherland。

Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day "double festival", superposition the Asian Games boom, "eleven" holiday tourism heat all the way up, with the motherland in the same frame, is every second。North and south of the Great River, there are countless scenic spots and historical sites, on the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Yellow River, Guilin landscape left their own figure, no matter where you are, you can with the motherland's great rivers and mountains frame, with the motherland to witness these beautiful and solemn, see "the mountains and rivers are safe, the country is prosperous and the people are safe"。

With the motherland in the same frame, we must remember history, remember the hardships of revolutionary martyrs in order to inspire the mountains。In this long golden week, with another mood to keep up with the footsteps of our ancestors' hard work and pursuit of exploration, we may be more able to appreciate the hard-won achievements of the present, and can also leave us with spiritual comfort and thinking。

With the motherland in the same frame, in this Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, we feel the full moon person round warmth meaningful;Shocked by the solemn solemn memory of heroes;Immersed in the joy of celebrating the new China。One song says, "The home is the smallest country, the country is ten million.。Everyone also has such a strong feeling: the country is good, the nation is good, the family can be good;When thousands of households do well, the country does well。

"If you can shoot, if you can shoot, if you want to show, you must go to show.。"Every day you have now is worth recording and treasuring.。Netizens' messages are full of happiness with the motherland。At this beautiful moment, in the same frame as the motherland, it is a beautiful moment that is fixed, and it is the ambition to continue to move forward。

Editor: Hu Shuo
Source: New Jiangsu · China Jiangsu Network

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