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The list of national Industrial tourism demonstration bases announced that 3 units in Jiangsu were selected
Release time: 2023/10/13 21:58:18
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With the development of mass tourism, the trend of diversification and individuation of tourism consumption demand is becoming increasingly obvious。As a new type of tourism, the development of industrial tourism has been paid more and more attention。

Recently, after the recommendation of the local cultural tourism administrative department, the Ministry of Cultural Tourism organized expert review and publicity, the list of national industrial tourism demonstration bases in 2023 was announced, 69 units were selected, and 3 units in Jiangsu were listed。

According to the "Specifications and Evaluation of National Industrial Tourism Demonstration Bases" issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2021, industrial tourism is a tourism in which factories, enterprises and projects in operation are the main attractions and carry out activities such as visiting, sightseeing, experience and shopping。Industrial tourism demonstration base is an enterprise or enterprise gathering area that provides necessary tourism facilities and services, is suitable for organizing and carrying out industrial tourism activities, and has a certain demonstration and leading role in the development of industrial tourism。

Among them, the national industrial tourism demonstration base needs to provide a higher level of tourism facilities and services, representing the highest level of domestic industrial tourism development, and has a strong demonstration and leading role in the development of national industrial tourism。

The public list, including Beijing 798 art District and other 69 units。Three units in Jiangsu province, Suzhou Shazhou Youhuang Cultural Park, Zhenjiang Vinegar Cultural Museum and Changzhou Canal No.5 Creative Block, made the list。Counting the Yanghe Distillery cultural tourism area, Nangang Industrial cultural Tourism Area selected last year, and the Suzhou Longliqi health town selected by the former National Tourism Administration in 2017, Jiangsu has 6 national industrial tourism demonstration bases。

Photo source: Official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

What are the characteristics of the selected industrial tourism demonstration bases in Jiangsu this year?

Shazhou Yuhuang Cultural Park is located in Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou. On the basis of the Jiangnan elements of white walls and black tiles, small Bridges and flowing water, the cultural park integrates the elements of the Republic of China and the new Chinese architectural style, displays and inherits the Chinese yellow wine brewing culture from multiple angles, and comprehensively describes the history, culture, production and technology of Supai yellow wine。

The cultural park has Shazhou Youhuang Museum, Yellow rice wine town, aged wine warehouse, water stage, yellow rice wine research Institute and other scenic spots。Among them, Shazhou Youhuang Museum is the largest pavilion in the cultural park, focusing on the theme of "The story of wine, Shazhou Wine", comprehensively displaying the long history of yellow rice wine culture。In the traditional handmade brewing workshop, the whole process of handmade brewing from rice aroma to yellow wine aroma is displayed。The two aged wine warehouses are connected in the form of flyovers, storing 150,000 jars of aged Shazhou Superior Yellow。

Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar has a long history。Hengshun vinegar industry was founded in 1840, in a hundred years of changes, to explore the "solid layered fermentation" process。Since the 1990s, Hengshun Vinegar industry has carried out corresponding protection, repair and restoration of workshops, workshops, workshops, warehouses, etc., and established a vinegar culture museum。

Vinegar Culture Museum set up "vinegar workshop, sauce garden, wine sea" three exhibition areas,Display traditional vinegar and wine making tools,Business licenses, trademark certificates, records of means of production, seals, etc. from the late Qing Dynasty to the 1970s,And Zhenjiang Hengshun balsamic vinegar brewing skills,And launched to participate in non-body examination, smell vinegar and other immersive industrial tourism projects。

Located on the south bank of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Canal No.5 Creative District is an industrial relic of the ancient Canal River in Changzhou and an important node of constructing "Canal historical and cultural industrial belt" in Changzhou。

From the 1930s Sanhe cloth factory, Hengyuan Chang factory,To the later Changzhou fifth wool textile factory,And now the Canal 5 Creative District,The original old streets, old alleys and old factories are connected in series,Refined into a perfect function, unique atmosphere to attract design creative talent and enterprise entrepreneurship and development of creative block。The district hosts hundreds of events every year and receives more than 700,000 visitors annually。

Jiangsu Provincial cultural tourism Department said,Our province has a complete range of industries,There are many industrial enterprises,The industrial landscape is rich in forms,To build a national industrial tourism demonstration base,Provide industrial tourism projects with distinct themes, rich content and obvious characteristics,It can meet the needs of tourists for industrial tourism,Improve the quality of industrial tourism services,We will promote the integrated development of tourism and industry。

Reporter Fu Qi

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