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After the air quality ranking was released in September, "2+26" cities accounted for more than 80% of the top 20 cities
Release time: 2023/10/17 14:21:52
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The Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently informed the media about the national ambient air quality in September this year and from January to September。In September, 92 of the 339 cities at prefecture level and above had good air quality on average.0%, an increase of 10% year-on-year.Nine percentage points。From January to September, 84 of the 339 cities at the prefecture level and above had good air quality on average.2%, down 1.Five percentage points。

Judging from the data,Air quality improved nationwide in September,But also to see,In September, 168 key cities ranked the bottom 20 in air quality,The "2+26" cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and its surrounding areas account for a large number,Some cities fell significantly in the rankings;From January to September, 168 key cities ranked in the bottom 20 in terms of air quality,Cities on the Fen-Wei Plain rank low。

After September, 17 of the 20 cities were "2+26"

Among the top 20 cities in the list of 168 key cities ranked by air quality in September, 17 of the "2+26" cities in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas entered the list, accounting for more than 80%。

其中,Zibo City ranked last,This is the first time this year that Zibo appeared in the bottom of the first place,In August, it ranked the fourth from the bottom among 168 key cities;Shijiazhuang ranked second from the bottom,This is also the worst ranking of Shijiazhuang this year,Shijiazhuang last appeared in the bottom 20,It was in May of this year,At that time, Shijiazhuang ranked eighth from the bottom;Taiyuan ranked third from the bottom,For nearly three months,Taiyuan is in the bottom three,Third from the bottom twice,The first one from the bottom。

Other "2+26" cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and surrounding areas that entered the bottom 20 include Tangshan City, which ranked 7th from the bottom, Xingtai City, which ranked 8th from the bottom, Jinan City, Baoding City, which ranked 9th from the bottom, and Binzhou City, which ranked 11th from the bottom。

In addition, there are two cities in the Fen-Wei plain into the bottom 20, Linfen City ranked fifth from the bottom, Jinzhong City ranked 14th from the bottom。

Among the top 20 cities for air quality in 168 key cities in September, southern cities accounted for the vast majority, and the top 20 cities for air quality were Haikou, Xiamen and Lhasa (from 1st to 3rd).。

It is worth noting that since the beginning of this year, Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province has long appeared in the top 20 of 168 key cities in air quality ranking, ranking 14th in September, and only twice this year (June and July) is not in the top 20。

Among the top 20, Harbin, capital city of Heilongjiang province, and Changchun, capital city of Jilin province, entered the top 20 for the first time in August and again in September, ranking 18th and 20th respectively。

In the first three quarters, cities on the Fenwei Plain ranked low

From January to September, 168 key cities ranked the bottom 20 cities in the list of air quality, many cities in the Fen-Wei Plain entered the bottom 20, and ranked low。Among them, Xianyang city ranked third from the bottom, Linfen City ranked fourth from the bottom, Xi 'an City ranked fifth from the bottom, Weinan City ranked sixth from the bottom。

For cities in the Fen-Wei Plain, it has become common in recent years to appear in the list of the bottom 20 cities in the air quality ranking。Last year, the air quality of 168 key cities ranked in the bottom 20, Shaanxi Guanzhong city took the top two, Weinan city ranked the bottom, Xianyang city ranked second from the bottom。

The air quality of Guanzhong region, especially Xi 'an, Xianyang and Weinan, is ranked lower in the national key cities,Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and provincial government attach great importance to it,4月6日,Dispatched 3 special inspection teams have been stationed in Xi 'an, Xianyang City and Yangling demonstration Zone, Weinan City (including Han City),The residence period is 2 months,We will carry out special inspections on air pollution control。

From the effect point of view, the ranking of Xi 'an, Xianyang and Weinan has improved since then。In May, Xi 'an, Xianyang and Weinan all dropped out of the 20th place。In June, only Xianyang ranked 18th from the bottom, and Xi 'an and Weinan dropped out of the 20th place。In July, August and September, the worst result was the 15th place from the bottom of Weinan City。

In addition to the Fen-Wei Plain, Linfen City, a "2+26" city in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and surrounding areas, ranked fourth from the bottom。At present, the situation of air pollution prevention and control in Linfen City is grim, and the Ecological Environment Bureau of Linfen City recently held a scheduling meeting to deal with pollution weather, analyze and judge the air quality situation, arrange and deploy key tasks, and fully promote the continuous and stable improvement of air quality。

此外,Many "2+26" cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and its surrounding areas also entered the bottom 20,They are 7th from the bottom of Taiyuan City, 8th from Anyang City, Yangquan City and Hebi City tied for 9th from the bottom of Tangshan City, 12th from the bottom of Shijiazhuang City, 14th from the bottom of Xinxiang City, 17th from Jiaozuo City and 18th from Baoding City。

With the last quarter of this year remaining, it has entered the final sprint stage, and the prevention and control of air pollution in backward cities still needs to redouble efforts and further promote。

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