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Reporter undercover expose environmental monitoring fraud insider, fraud can become a business?
Release time: 2023/10/17 14:26:05
Source: China Environment Network Click: 550

Third-party environmental monitoring agencies have issued qualified monitoring results to polluters, but the results may be false, and the data may be fabricated。

Reporters from the Beijing News investigation team have been undercover with two third-party environmental monitoring agencies in Xi 'an and Taiyuan, and found that they often use fraud to help polluters "muddle through" by forging and tampering with monitoring data and issuing false monitoring reports.。

The reporter's follow-up camera will gradually peel and reveal the wanton fraud behavior of the monitoring agency。It can be seen that the two monitoring agencies are full of loopholes in all aspects, but they still seem to be operating for granted。

In the sampling process, the sampler either replaces the sewage to be measured with tap water, or replaces the on-site environmental monitoring data of the enterprise with the ambient air monitoring data in the hotel room, or colludes with the monitored enterprise to temporarily add chemicals to reduce the pollutant index。There are also problems with monitoring equipment and instruments, either they are not turned on at all and have become posing props for handing over errors, or they have left a "back door" in the running program Settings for sampling personnel to fabricate and tamper with data at will.。However, polluters pay for monitoring in order to buy a "qualified monitoring" certificate in order to "pass the customs", but they do not care how the result is obtained。

To investigate the root of fraud, it is thought-out that the fraud is not caused by a certain party, but the result of the "joint force" of many parties, and the taste of strong monetary interests is revealed in the whole process。

With the increasingly strict environmental emission management requirements, the application of third-party environmental monitoring is more and more from the start and acceptance of enterprise projects to the application of emission permits and daily operation and management。This also allows opportunistic monitoring agencies to bloom everywhere, leading to intensified market competition, vicious competition, fraud chaos will also appear。

It should be warned that although environmental monitoring has been inseparable from the support of many third-party monitoring agencies, environmental monitoring is not entirely a commercial behavior, we must adhere to the bottom line of the rule of law and assume social responsibility。It is certainly a business logic to take money to do things, but the fear is that the monitoring side will eat others' short mouth, take others' soft hand, and become accustomed to the illegal and fraudulent requirements of pollutant discharge enterprises, become an inertia, and even rush to。

It is precisely that some polluters turn a deaf ear to their responsibility for ecological and environmental protection, while other monitoring organizations treat counterfeiting as a business and "sell fake certificates" in the name of earning monitoring services, which gives rise to the soil of counterfeiting。When the relevant parties do not want to work hard to improve the ecological environment, but also want to get a share of the qualified results from a fool, "package qualified" has become a hidden rule of the monitoring industry, monitoring fraud has become commonplace。When money and interests outweigh conscience and responsibility, the majesty of the law and system will be trampled wantonly, and the quality of the ecological environment can only be compromised by the supremacy of cost, money and interests。

This reminds us that when environmental monitoring is entrusted to the market operation, it must also face the problems brought by the market。This requires many efforts to find out the bottom number of fake enterprises,Strict environmental monitoring access standards and business supervision,Use market means to solve the problem of monitoring the market,We will use the rule of law to control the chaos in the monitoring market,Let the formal and legal monitoring agencies truly become the mainstream of the environmental monitoring market,To ensure the quality of the ecological environment to play its due role。

The enterprise uses a third-party environmental monitoring organization for monitoring,This is to ensure the fairness and authenticity of the monitoring,Fulfill the main responsibility of ecological and environmental protection,And some enterprises use money to tamper with the monitoring report "until qualified" to evade supervision;Some third-party monitoring agencies have no lower limit under market competition and gold main requirements,Instead, it has become a FIG leaf for polluters to get rid of their responsibilities,From environmentalist to ignoble counterfeiter;Some samplers lose their professional ethics in order to get paid;Some monitoring instruments and equipment design manufacturers in order to sell the needs of customers are legitimate。However, the improvement of the data and the "temporary qualification" of the indicators does not mean that the ecological environment is really good;The attitude of the whole society to these environmental monitoring fraud "zero tolerance" will not change, the relevant departments in accordance with the law to crack down on environmental monitoring fraud will only be stronger, and the cost of damaging the ecological environment will always be borne by someone。Rushing forward, only to "money" look, once the fall, it is too late。

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