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First in the province!Eight projects in Nanjing were selected into the provincial green building innovation list
Release time: 2023/10/20 23:32:58
Source: China Jiangsu Net click: 411

New Jiangsu · China Jiangsu network news (correspondent Ning Jianxuan reporter Liu Chang) reporter learned from Nanjing urban and rural Construction Committee,At the 2023 Jiangsu Green and Low-carbon Building International Expo,The Provincial Housing and Construction Department announced the list of "Green Building Innovation projects in Jiangsu Province",Nanjing has eight projects on the list,Accounts for 44% of the province,Rank first。Among them, Nanjing Yangtze River City Smart Headquarters construction project and Jiangbei New District Civic Center project won the first prize。

The proportion of green buildings in Nanjing has reached 100%

According to the 2022 China Urban Green Building Development Competitiveness Index Report, Nanjing ranks second in the country in the green building development potential index among 42 key cities。At present, the proportion of urban green buildings in Nanjing has reached 100%, and it has always remained at the forefront in the supervision and assessment of green building work in the province。

The reporter learned,This "green" of architecture,Does not refer to the general sense of three-dimensional greening, roof garden,It represents a concept and a symbol,During the whole life cycle,Save resources, protect the environment and reduce pollution,To provide people with healthy, suitable and efficient use of space,High-quality architecture that maximizes harmony between man and nature."。

Green building materials, green design, the annual reduction of 12.83 tons of carbon emissions

Nanjing Yangtze River City Wisdom headquarters construction area of about 2.450,000 square meters, is a low-carbon construction, intelligent operation of modern office building。The project building implements the concept of ESG, endows the building with the characteristics of health, humanity and comfort on the green and low-carbon background color, realizes the dynamic balance of energy saving, environmental protection and health and comfort, and guides the green and healthy lifestyle。

In the face of irregular and cramped site conditions, the construction unit created a grid street space to create a pleasant and eco-friendly community living room。The hall on the first floor of the building is designed with an open and flowing space, constructing an open and harmonious communication space with the environment。The combination of vertical greening and plant corners adds temperature to the lobby, allowing the ecology to reshape people's space feelings and create a comfortable and pleasant microclimate。

The prefabricated decoration parts used in the project are made of green environmental protection materials, after many strict index tests, and aldehyde removal before leaving the factory to ensure that each sheet meets environmental protection standards and ensures the environmental protection of construction from the source。In the construction process, the prefabricated wall panel adopts the dry construction method to carry out the dry operation construction such as cement-free mortar。Compared with traditional wall decoration practices, it avoids wet operations such as gypsum putty leveling and mortar bonding, which conforms to the environmental protection development concept of low-carbon construction。

In addition, the building adopts multiple ventilation modes to dynamically adjust indoor comfort, reducing the use of air conditioning for 39 days a year, which can reduce 12.83 tons of carbon emissions。The person in charge of Yangtze River Urban architecture design told reporters: "We use 93 multi-in-one sensors covering the whole building to sense indoor air quality in real time and ensure fresh indoor air.。At the same time, the multi-level indoor micro-landscape of "vertical greening - station greening - green keratosis" is established in the interior to build a natural ecological office space。”

3D printing, "river air conditioning", annual CO2 reduction 209.78吨

Nanjing Jiangbei New District Civic Center project advocates green and ecological concepts,The principle of "low investment efficiency" and "local application" is adopted,Based on the climatic characteristics of hot summer and cold winter,A series of low-carbon and green technologies such as river water source heat pump, sponge city, smart construction site and BIM5D platform are applied in the construction process,Achieve harmonious coexistence between man and nature, resources and the environment。

The exterior sunshade curtain wall of the project is designed as a fixed shuttle-shaped sunshade shutter curtain wall with a projection area of about 10,000 square meters and an expansion area of nearly 30,000 square meters。After the installation of the shuttle shutter sunshade system, the building can maintain the ideal indoor light and temperature under each natural condition, blocking the solar radiation up to 80%, which can effectively save the energy consumption caused by air conditioning and other sunshade and lighting equipment about 30% or more。

New 3D printed building components are used on the exterior walls of the visitor service center。"These components are made of cement slurry and construction waste recycled aggregate," the person in charge of the second bureau of construction in China introduced, "compared with the traditional construction industry, 3D printed buildings are not only durable, but also can save building materials 30%-60%, with the advantages of protecting the environment, high efficiency and energy saving.。”

The project takes the lead in using "river water air conditioning" - the river water is warm in winter and cool in summer, and the Yangtze River water is transported to the energy station to provide a stable cold and hot source after energy conversion。The combination of river water source heat pump, ice cold storage, water cold storage, water heat storage and these new energy technologies can improve the energy efficiency of natural resources utilization, alleviate the urban heat island effect, and save more than 50% energy than the existing buildings, while cooling the civil center in summer and heating in winter。According to the analysis, the annual electricity saving of the civic center under the design scheme is about 23.570,000 KWH, annual savings of standard coal 84.85 tons, equivalent to an annual CO2 reduction of 209.78吨。

The continuous emergence of high-level green buildings is an important measure to continue to promote high-quality development of urban and rural construction, and prudently implement carbon peak and carbon neutrality。Nanjing Construction Committee will continue to enhance the quality of green buildings in the city by strengthening scientific research and technology research, improving policy mechanisms, highlighting demonstration and leading measures。

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