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Dogs hurt people to wake up, stop the tragedy to take real action
Release time: 2023/10/20 23:34:24
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Photo credit: Visual China

New Jiangsu commentator Su Qingsu said

Vicious dog injury incidents occur repeatedly, this time, only two years old Chengdu Chongzhou girl was madly bitten for two minutes, covered with scars and distressed。

The incident has been four days, the dog was caught, the dog owner Tang has also arrived in the case。But this matter did not end, the relevant discussion is still "fermenting" : "Apology useful to the judicial organ why.?There should be criminal responsibility!""An untethered dog can be killed!""All lives are equal, they have the right to live。”……

The wounds of the girls need time to heal, and lax law enforcement and torn perspectives need to be strengthened and bridged。

This vicious dog attack is a bloody tragedy, on the surface, the direct cause seems to be "off leash"。This is almost the same as the cause of the previous "tragedy" : in September 2018, a network red walking the dog without a leash, the dog jumped on the pregnant woman, the pregnant woman's husband pushed the dog away with his foot, and then the two sides argued, the dog owner beat the pregnant woman, causing the pregnant woman to preterm labor。In August 2019, Liang, a doorman of a company in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, released three Rottweiler dogs raised by the company from the kennel to feed in the hospital, and Zhang, an electrician, was attacked and killed by the dogs when he came down from the upstairs。In 2021, there was the "Anyang King Incident" in Henan, where an old man was bitten by two large dogs while walking..."Off leash" dogs show up too many times。

Is there no way to regulate these "off-leash" dogs?Of course。Changsha in Hunan Province issued dog management regulations in October 2018, Wenshan in Yunnan Province issued an extremely strict management notice in 2018, known as the "strictest dog walking regulations in history", and Sichuan Province, where the incident occurred, issued dog management regulations as early as 2010, clearly prohibiting individuals from raising fierce dogs and large dogs。Coincidentally, the black Rottweiler that attacked this time is a large fierce dog。

The original intention of introducing various regulations and measures is worthy of affirmation, but tragedies have occurred repeatedly。Whether these rules and regulations are in place or just a gust of wind?Compared with real action, a piece of paper will surely not stop the fierce dog off the leash。Next time, it could be you or me, or it could be another child, two years old or younger, unable to help themselves。Laws, regulations, and measures should grow "teeth," and all localities and departments should reflect on them with practical actions。

It cannot be ignored that there are multiple reasons why many regulations do not grow "teeth", and the pressure of public opinion is one of them。The saying "dog is man's most loyal friend" has been around for a long time, and the happiness brought by owning a dog makes many people feel warm。According to incomplete statistics, the number of dog owners in 2022 is about 80 million, with an average of at least 7 out of every 100 people owning dogs。Most dog owners have the basic literacy of keeping a dog, do a dog license, vaccinate the dog, and walk the dog on a leash, and a small number of people are difficult to do the most basic leash walking the dog。It can be said that many people have seen a few off-leash dogs in the streets。Normally, they look docile, but capturing them at this point can be a bit violent。But if we catch it after it's attacked, it's probably too late。

Whether to resist the pressure, strictly enforce the law to prevent the tragedy, or to be a good gentleman, save management costs, and wait for similar problems to occur?How to choose to test the power of a city's social governance, only let the law produce due deterrence, so that similar cases will not happen again and again。

There is no denying that all life has the right to equal survival。But dog lovers should also be aware of the potential dangers of dog ownership while enjoying the emotional value of their pets。The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 60,000 people die from rabies each year, 40% of them children under the age of 15。How to prevent innocent people from being hurt by "man's most loyal friend"?Dog owners have to take the responsibility of the owner, the real love is restraint。If someone disturbs society in the name of loving dogs, they should pay a due price。

In the Internet era, opinions of all parties are intertwined, and the public opinion field is highly uncertain。But the truth is out there, and it is only the solutions that differ。Carrying public opinion and wisdom, the Animal epidemic Prevention Law has provided guidance to local management and law enforcement departments, and it is only necessary to strictly abide by and implement it。It is gratifying that recently, many places such as Hefei and Wenzhou have also carried out special management actions for civilized dog keeping。

Everyone should not want to see Chengdu Chongzhou 2 year old girl body shocking injury。I also hope that this incident can arouse everyone's alarm, management departments, law enforcement departments, relevant associations and organizations, and every citizen to reflect with action, so that similar tragedies will not happen again。I hope that the dog owners have more sense of responsibility, and may each of us think more about others, stick to the justice and fairness in our hearts, and be more warm and less harmful。

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