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Rare and endangered 'living fossils' released in Nantong
Release time: 2023/10/21 0:09:26
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Recently, in the Liubu sea area of Rudong County, Nantong City, fisherman Zhang Qing took advantage of the night tide to release the wild Chinese sturgeon accidentally caught during the day into the sea。With the sea water immersed in the fish body, I saw this 20 kg big guy, dashing a splash, quickly disappeared in the sea。

"When the fishing boat landed today, the crew told me that they caught a 'strange fish', and I found that it seemed to be a Chinese sturgeon, but I was not sure.。"Zhang Qing said。After multiple verification, the "strange fish" is indeed a wild Chinese sturgeon, with a body length of about 120 centimeters and a weight of about 20 kilograms, and a prominent bone plate on the back and abdomen。

The Chinese sturgeon, which has traveled for hundreds of millions of years, once lived in the same era as dinosaurs, and is a "living fossil" in aquatic organisms, which has been 1.With a history of 400 million years, it is one of the oldest vertebrates on the earth, mainly distributed in China from the Jinsha River to the estuary of the Yangtze River, and has appeared many times in Nantong City, and has a precedent of successful release。

Ju Weidong, vice president of the Nantong Environmental Protection Public Welfare Federation, said: "The Chinese sturgeon is named 'China',It has a profound origin with the Chinese nation,It is the "fish of China" that has witnessed countless histories.,Its whole body has only one cartilage,No bones, no ribs,Have small eyes,Blowhole behind eye,In front of the mouth of the tail fin, there are four snickers。”

The Chinese sturgeon is a key protected wildlife in China, but also the World Conservation Union (IUCN) "critically endangered" species, is an important part of the earth's biodiversity, is a typical anadromic fish, born in the river, sea growth, usually living in the East China Sea, the South China Sea coastal shelf zone。Due to the influence of human activities, the population of Chinese sturgeon has declined sharply and is facing the danger of extinction。Although the Chinese sturgeon has been successfully bred in captivity, it is still necessary to strengthen the species diversity protection of wild Chinese sturgeon in order to restore its natural population。

With the gradual implementation of the "Yangtze River Protection" strategy, the "ten-year fishing ban" plan and the "Yangtze River Protection Law" have provided better environmental conditions for the Chinese sturgeon to live in the Yangtze River。

The "Chinese sturgeon" found in the Liupu sea area of Rudong County was confirmed to be a wild Chinese sturgeon, and was not injured. The fishermen chose to release the fish in a suitable place, which is to contribute to the recovery of the natural population of Chinese sturgeon。

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