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Autumn's first cup of "DIY water" caught fire but drinking it blindly can cause health problems
Published time: 2023/10/22 23:04:39
Source: Nanjing Morning Post Click: 415

Recently, autumn's first cup of "DIY water" has caught fire online。Netizens will have weight loss, whitening and other effects of food juice soaking water, homemade "whitening water" and "antioxidant water"。Experts in the nutrition department of Nanjing Second Hospital reminded that there are some misunderstandings for "DIY water", and such self-made water cannot be drunk blindly。

According to experts, homemade whitening water contains almond powder, almond powder has natural vitamin E, does have antioxidant, inhibit tyrosinase activity, and vitamin C, can reduce melanin synthesis, so as to achieve whitening effect, can also delay skin aging。But as a nut plant protein, almonds are easy to cause allergic reactions in the human body, such as urticaria, allergic dermatitis, and even anaphylactic shock。People with allergies must pay attention not to blindly follow the trend of adding allergic ingredients to cause adverse consequences。

Homemade "antioxidant water", can it really resist aging and antioxidant?In this regard, experts said that antioxidant water contains a variety of fruit components, does contain vitamin C components, and does have a certain inhibitory effect on melanin, but because the content of vitamin C in a complete fruit is not enough to meet the requirements of whitening, let alone the content of vitamin C dissolved in whitening water is very small。

Want to whiten, anti-aging, is the desire of many people seeking beauty。So is there any scientific, reliable method?Experts remind that poor liver and kidney function, endocrine abnormalities will increase skin melanin activity, so the skin suddenly dark and bad need to seek medical attention in time to find the cause, maintain a good mood, balanced nutrition。Secondly, sun exposure and the abuse of cosmetics are important factors in the darkening and deterioration of skin, so sunscreen and rational use of skin care products are the top priorities of whitening。

It is worth noting that the skin becomes dark and long spots do not matter, you can choose different treatment plans according to different skin problems, the public can go to the regular hospital dermatology, ask the doctor to see。

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