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Equally wonderful, loving and harmless.
Release time: 2023/10/22 23:19:27
Source: Xinhuanet click: 385

The same wonderful love without "hindrance" - Hangzhou Asian Para Games preparation summary

  Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, October 21 (Reporter Xia Liang, Yue Deliang, Hu Jiali)A "Chinese characteristics, Asian style, wonderful" Asian Games event has just come to an end in Zhijiang land, a comprehensive display of the development of Asian disabled sports in the Asian Paralympic Games will be slowly launched in the West Lake。
  The three-day Asian Para Games torch relay through 6 districts and 3 counties (cities) in Hangzhou ended successfully at the natatorium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center on Sunday。The flame collected from the permanent reserve of the flame of the Asian Para Games, the Museum of the Asian Para Games of the Guangzhou Asian Games, will pass through the "two banks of the three rivers" in Hangzhou, and will come to the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center stadium and light the main torch tower。

On October 12, the flame of the 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou was collected in Guangzhou, the host city of the first Asian Para Games。Photo by Deng Hua/Xinhua News Agency

  Practice the concept of "sunshine, harmony, self-improvement and sharing",Follow the requirements of "simple, safe and wonderful",围绕“Two Asian Games, equally wonderful”的目标,The stage has been set up to show the world that disabled athletes strive for self-improvement and indomitable struggle,Hangzhou is ready to welcome guests from all over the world to the bank of the Qiantang River again with warm and thoughtful service。
  Elaborate preparations to welcome guests from all over the world
  Two Asian Games, equally wonderful。In the process of preparing for the Asian Para Games, Hangzhou has always promoted various work in accordance with the requirements of "two Asian Games and simultaneous preparation"。
  On March 23, 2020, the emblem of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games "Ever Forward" and the theme slogan "Hearts Meet, Dreams Shine" were officially released to the world。The overall visual elements of the emblem are consistent with the Hangzhou Asian Games emblem "Tidal surge" in style, reflecting the requirements of "two Asian Games, equally wonderful"。
  "The Asian Games and the Asian Para Games, the same arena and track, the same starting point and the same finishing point, present the equality of all athletes in sports。Therefore, in the design of the emblem of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, it is necessary to maintain the consistency of the elements of the emblem of the Asian Games, and the image transmission must have obvious characteristics of the Asian Para Games。Chen Zhengda, the designer of the emblem and vice president of the School of Design and Art of the China Academy of Art, said。
  On April 16, 2020, the mascot "Feifei" of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games was officially released。The design inspiration of "Fei Fei" comes from the image of "divine bird" in Liangzhu culture. She integrates Hangzhou's history, culture and scientific and technological innovation, and also carries the expectation of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, which is in line with the combination of "Jiangnan Yi", the mascot of Hangzhou Asian Games。

"Fei-fei", the mascot of the Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang province, is seen at the opening ceremony of the Asian Para Games Village in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, Oct. 16, 2019。Photo by Jiang Han, Xinhua News Agency

  Venues are the core of the games。On March 31, 2022, all 56 competition venues for the Asian Games and Asian Para Games in Hangzhou were completed and functional acceptance of the games was completed, and the preparation work entered a new stage。Of the 19 venues of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, only 2 venues are used independently by the Asian Para Games, while the remaining 17 venues are shared with the Asian Games and will be converted after the Asian Games。
  After the closing of the Hangzhou Asian Games on October 8, from the competition venues to the Asian Games Village, the upgrading and renovation of barrier-free facilities during the Asian Para Games began immediately。According to the plan, the conversion of all competition venues has been completed by October 15。
  On the 16th, the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Paralympic Village was held, which also marked the official operation of the Asian Paralympic Village。Majid Rashid, president of the Asian Paralympic Committee, said that the village is a perfect place for athletes to feel at home and "I believe that everyone will have a good memory in Hangzhou during the Asian Paralympic Games".。
  There is love without "hindrance" to show humanistic care
  With "no obstruction" to help "love", to provide convenience for disabled athletes with hearts and feelings, throughout the preparation of the Asian Para Games。
  Gateball for the blind is a collective ball game specially designed according to the characteristics of visual impairment of the blind. There are a large number of visually impaired people among the participants and spectators。As one of the two independent competition venues of the Asian Para Games, the Gate Hall of Tangqi Blind Gateball Base focuses more on the needs of disabled athletes in the barrier-free transformation。
  "Welcome to the Blind Gate..."Entering the athletes' entrance of the stadium, a white speaker overhead will sound a bilingual broadcast。All doors leading from the foyer to the function rooms and the competition area are equipped with automatic sensing voice announcer to help athletes Orient themselves。Not only that, this section of several hundred meters of road surface, also all set up blind roads。

Members of the Chinese sports delegation travel by barrier-free shuttle bus at the Asian Paralympic Village in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, Oct. 16, 2019。Photo by Jiang Han, Xinhua News Agency

  On the outdoor lawn of the stadium, the blind gateball training base also specially tailored a warm area for visually impaired athletes - guide dog rest area。"Put in the hotel is not at ease, bring into the venue is not polite, this all-weather open rest area, to solve the difficulties of visually impaired athletes.。Zhang Liming, head of the venue renovation project, said that in order to provide a comfortable environment for guide dogs, the venue has also built a sunshade to avoid rain and strong sunlight。
  In the Asian Paralympic Village, the details of the barrier-free facilities are also full of warmth 。The ups and downs of the athletes' moving lines are all equipped with ramps, and the entrances and exits of each building and area are also widened.Braille buttons for elevators, barrier-free handrails for toilets and blind path laying are all over the village.There are Braille prompts and location maps for the residential areas。
  At the same time, the rooms in the Asian Paralympic Village have also been adjusted at the height of the bed to facilitate better rest for disabled athletes。Signs, all kinds of facilities have Braille marks, elevators, etc., have also been widened。The color contrast of the trash can in the village is more obvious than that of the conventional garbage can, and it is more friendly to the visually impaired people。
  "The modern barrier-free facilities in the village facilitate our travel, and there are humanistic details to show the charm of Hangzhou.。"Said Jiang Yuyan, swimmer of the Chinese delegation。
  Work together to build a dream and draw a beautiful picture
  Sports build a bridge of "integration of disability and health"。Taking the opportunity of preparing for the Asian Para Games, Hangzhou has achieved barrier-free facilities from "good" to "excellent", making the city warmer。
  Over the past three years, Hangzhou has upgraded 140,000 barrier-free points and important public service places.To carry out pre-completion experience supervision of more than 1,800 projects such as Asian Games venues, Asian Games villages, designated hotels, airports, subways and railway stations;121 barrier-free communities have been created at the provincial level, and families of disabled people with difficulties have been reformed.5万户。
  In order to allow people with disabilities to travel with love and no "obstacles", Hangzhou has upgraded 75 sections of urban roads, more than 3,000 kilometers of blind roads, and 2 curb ramps.90,000 sites, 50 urban pedestrian Bridges and more than 1,600 barrier-free public toilets,Implement the renovation of 1,000 elevators in old residential areas,More than 260 "Red position" barrier-free demonstration sites and more than 3,500 bus stops have been built,Launch of 300 accessible cruise taxis,Five barrier-free tourist routes have been built with the West Lake, Liangzhu, Canal and other World Heritage sites as the core。

People with disabilities change their rust-proof wheelchairs to enter the barrier-free natatorium with the help of a staff member at the Hezhuang Sports Center in Qiantang district of Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang province, Oct. 19, 2019。Photo by Jiang Han, Xinhua News Agency

  同时,Hangzhou has made every effort to promote the construction of barrier-free information such as government websites, office Windows, and public service agency outlets,Innovative research and development of "Barrier-free service online" platform,It can provide one-stop integrated services such as barrier-free transportation, 24-hour intelligent online sign language interpretation, barrier-free travel, movie watching, life, and barrier-free public interest litigation in the procuratorate,Effectively solve the problems of difficult travel, communication and integration of special groups。
  At the beginning of this year, the "Hangzhou Welcomes the Asian (Disabled) Games and Benefits the Disabled", which includes the integration of sports series, the priority of watching events, the "love does not hinder" service, and the sharing of Asian Games venues, was issued and implemented, helping the Asian (disabled) Games to benefit more special groups。
  With the coming of the Asian Para Games, Hangzhou has also launched the Asian Games civilization station service for the disabled。220 municipal Asian Games civilization stations, 314 district (county) level Asian Games civilization stations, more than 3,400 new era civilization practice centers (stations), beads into chains, full service, become a beautiful city volunteer service "scenic belt"。
  "We live together, we are a family, but also a whole, Hangzhou will provide the most friendly environment for everyone, not only disabled people, but all people, this is the most I want to convey to you.。"Majid Rashid said。
  Hearts meet, dreams shine, hand in hand to draw a better tomorrow of "disability integration", Hangzhou is ready!

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