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All kinds of activities and trainings organized by us need the participation of lovely volunteers. If you have the time and are willing to give love, please contact us and join the volunteer team to make small contributions and reap full rewards with everyone。You will:
1. Participate in environmental protection activities and projects organized by us to effectively play a role;
2, will have the opportunity to get professional volunteer training, to increase knowledge, exercise ability, make like-minded friends;
3, become our "public welfare partner", realize their own value, get everyone's recognition。
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Date of birth: (如1980-05-20) Work Unit/School:
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Service field selection:
(Multiple options available)
Your free time:
Please state your usual free time on weekdays, weekends, or online work, etc., so that we can know and assign you volunteer work。
Your areas of expertise:
Please briefly describe your area of expertise, or simply describe what you do or are interested in。
Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and your contact information will only be used for our communication with you。
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If you want to cooperate with us or learn more about environmental protection resources in Jiangsu Province, please contact us。
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