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十大电子游戏俱乐部 - Micro video
This is the new era of Chinese soldiers!
Release time: 2023/8/1 18:08:25

Deep blue sea, snowy border, where there is a need where they charge in front of the figure。Face life and death, fearless, they use youth to guard the mountains and rivers, with blood to highlight the mission, they have a common name, Chinese soldiers!Today is the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Let's pay tribute to the most lovely people!

Chief Producer: Zhang Yuke He Jingru

Producer: Li Lei Li Jian

Producer: Xiong Xu, Deng Zhihui and Bai Jing

Co-ordinator: Zheng Xiaoxiao Huang Zijuan Zhao Na

Planner: Tang Jie and Chen Qi

Consultant: Yang Tiehu

制作:许峥 毛然

Supported by: Lu Qianhao Jiang Yao Zhu Yulong Ma Tao Lu Hao Hu Jiali Lin Tao Ran Jie

Li Wujian Zhang Xianghao Hu Zhengwei Fu Leilin Xiangyu Wang Xinyi Zhao Huan Li Xinyi

Yuan Baoyu Xiao Muqi Fan Dongdong Zhang Jinshan Liu Jingnan Ma Chengsuo

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